Our History

Checkmate Afya Wellness Initiative, also referred to as CAWi, was borne out of the need to provide Health and Wellness support to long distance drivers in Kenya as a key strategy to bridge the gap in addressing road safety. Initially, CAWi focused on truck drivers by working closely with it’s affiliate Checkmate (PRSC) whose focus is to work with transporters to ensure that their drivers have optimal safe trips on the road. Checkmate (PRSC) focuses on road safety from a point of saving lives and assets, journey management, driver training and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).

Using Checkmate (PRSC) as a baseline, CAWi’s focus has grown to include the following:

  • Heavy Commercial Cargo Vehicles.
  • Public Service Vehicles (PSV) which include buses, mini-buses, vans, saloon vehicles and motorcycles (boda bodas).

CAWi Scale Plan on Northern Corridor

Currently, PRSC-Checkmate’s presence along the Northern Corridor, where majority of reported accidents occur, is witnessed in a total of nine (9) stations namely:

  • Maungu
  • Kiboko
  • Malili
  • Gilgil
  • Salgaa
  • Juakali
  • Kocholia
  • Kipsitet
  • Sega

CAWi partners with Checkmate (PRSC) to establish its Wellness Centers in Checkmate (PRSC) roadside centers. It is CAWi’s plan to scale up its operations to be in every checkpoint, giving long distance drivers the health and wellness support they desperately require

CAWi is working with long distance drivers and the communities impacted, by tangibly reducing the unnecessary loss of life through promoting safe lifestyle practices by drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

CAWi plans to scale up this model across all major highways in Kenya and the greater Africa community.