At CAWi, we ensure our wellness initiative focuses on all the key elements that we feel are pertinent to the drivers and the communities they impact. There are any number of small changes that drivers can make to improve their overall wellness, and education is key in the success of all our wellness initiatives. Culture and social mindset is not changed over night, but with time, constant education and support, we have witnessed positive lifestyle changes.

We focus on the following:
  • Occupational Wellness - focus includes causes of accidents, behavioral driving, occupational well being, importance of safety.
  • Physical Wellness - focus includes fitness, sleeping habits, fatigue management and exhaustion.
  • Nutritional Wellness - focus includes nutritional options while on the road, foods and beverages to avoid and nutritional schedules.
  • Community Wellness - focus includes community interaction, culture differences, STI and HIV/AIDS.
  • Addiction Wellness - focus includes alcohol, drugs, miraa and smoking.
  • Psychosocial Wellness - focus includes depression, anxiety, trauma amongst others, and how to manage stress from work and home.
  • Weight Wellness - focus includes how to manage weight and steps to rectify it.
  • Financial Wellness - focus includes planning and encouraging a savings and responsible spending lifestyle.
  • Social Wellness - building of quality relationships and connections, being part of something bigger than oneself and purpose.